Paranormal Events UK Terms and Conditions 

Ghostly Shadow Events paranormal events

  1. By joining Ghostly Shadow Events on any event, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as detailed below
  2. Ghostly Shadow Events is also known as G.S.E or Ghostly Shadow Events Official.
  3. G.S.E  is a non profit organization. We use any profit for maintaining equipment to carry out more investigations for research
  4. Anyone attending any of our events must be over the aged over 16 years at the time of the event, proof will be required if you look younger then the said age so please make sure you have ID with you.
  5. Due to restictions at our locations and other factors that may cause harm/risk, pregnant women are not allowed to attend any of our events
  6. G.S.E has a strict policy on alcohol or being under the influence of drugs. If any guest is found under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will be asked to leave the event immediately with NO refund.
  7. G.S.E will not accept any liability for damage or loss of any personal belongings.
  8. G.S.E owns a variety of specialist investigation equipment for all to use during our investigations. All equipment is to be treated with care and not abuse it, otherwise we will render you liable for any damage or loss. All equipment is to be returned at the end of an investigation.
  9. Attending any G.S.E we ask that you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times, we will not accept any unruly behaviour .
    we ask that you are courteous to others and respect any property.
  10. By attending our events you agree to publication of any photos or videos on our website or social media sites.
  11. Paranormal investigations can at times be scary and very intense. YOU ATTEND AT YOUR OWN RISK . G.S.E will not be held responsible for any stress,harm or injury caused as a result of any unexplained activity or fright.
  12. G.S.E will take every effort to ensure that our events are arranged and managed with high regard to safety and security to our members and guests. 
  13. If you have any special needs or medical conditions, please discuss this with G.S.E admin team first before you purchase your place
    we will try our best to accommodate your needs the best we can.
  14. Our ticket prices DO NOT include travel or accommodation. Food and/or drinks may be included in the price if stated. Please check event information for details, if nothing is mentioned assume that no refreshments will be provided
  15. All of our events are paid via PayPal, there is a surcharge of 5% added to the price. Other ways to pay is in cash or bank transfer ( please contact admin regarding this )
  16. Any ticket paid in full is non refundable 14 days prior to event, unless the event is cancelled or rearranged by G.S.E. On some events this may be 28 days prior to event. If an event is cancelled by G.S.E or rearranged the ticket may be used as full or part payment on an alternative event. If a person has paid in full but fails to attend the event they will not be refunded, as this would have been used in the booking of the venue.
  17. If an event is cancelled during an investigation G.S.E will consider this as being held. G.S.E maintain the right to consider whether any part refund is due.
  18. Where a deposit has been paid the remaining balance must be paid either 14 days or 28 days prior to an event taking place. This will be posted on each individual event. If the remaining balance is not paid by due date, your ticket maybe cancelled and your deposit will NOT be refunded. Your place will be put up for resale to fill the event.
  19. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside any of the locations. G.S.E will let you know of any designated smoking areas at a location. Anyone breaching this rule will be asked to leave the event.
  20. All guests and members details will be kept private and for the sole use of G.S.E to manage the event. Personal information WILL NOT be given to third parties including our members.
  21.  G.S.E will not be held responsible if no paranormal activity occurs on any events. G.S.E DOES NOT stage any activity. If anybody is found to     be  staging or faking the paranormal in anyway either as a joke we will be asking you to leave the event immediately and removed from all sites. G.S.E will  not be known as a fake group.
  22. Under no circumstance are guests allowed to wander off on their own before the event and during the event, all guests are to remain in the tea room before the events starts, this is for health and safety reasons, G.S.E will NOT be held responsible for any accidents that occur if any one has wandered off, Unless this is agreed and arranged with the venue.