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What To Expect

Ghostly Shadow Events Paranormal investigations


Each event is different from the next, which makes them all the more exciting.

You will not be left on your own unless lone vigils are organized by your team leader and you agree to participate.

Each event begins with a briefing of health and safety and what the evening will bring.  Risk assessment would already be carried out by each group leader, If any hazards are found these will be pointed within your group.

We will then split in to smaller groups, 'but do not worry you will be kept with whom you come with and not separated'. If you wish to change teams please ask your team leader first, as long as we can keep the groups evenly numbered this will be fine.
Under no circumstance are guests allowed to wonder off on their own before the event or during the event., this is for health and safety reasons and G.S.E WILL NOT be held responsible for any accidents that happen if anyone was to wonder off on their own.

We do prefer to use our equipment to gather evidence such as, cameras, video recorders; EVPS and where possible a medium will be assigned to each group.

We use a number of equipment throughout the night.

Ouija Boards,Automatic Writing Board, EVPS, Mel meter,
EMF K2 meter.

We will carry out Seances and Vigils.
We also use Night vision Cameras, please be aware of these as we operate in complete darkness

No one is forced to participate in any activities they do not want to do.

Please make sure you bring a Torch and spare batteries and a digital camera for your own evidence and experience.

If you capture any guests on your digital camera please obtain permission first before posting to any social media sites